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    • Admiral Spiro lmao I’ve used Apple support mutiple times because their support actually knows what to do. I them yesterday after installing Mojave beta and having my CPU throttled to 200 percent beacuse some programs weren’t supported and launchD decided to be stupid af

    • exactly im doing fine with a half broken £500 asus laptop that has lasted me 3 ish years, all i need is google and some tech savy common sense, half the time i just go to device manager and reinstal drivers and everything is fine, i even torrent from time to time and i just used cracked av and vpn LUL

    • well apple is shit for giving you a shitty adapter, i have never had that problem with asus, hp toshiba etc

    • You are so ignorant and self sufficient. If you have an Apple store near you….you assume that everyone on this planet has one…… Outside US, Apple is just a very expensive and faulty shit.

  1. Lol we could never be jealous of anything windows 10. The hardware might be really great but windows is crap…the camera ..omfg doublechingate…please…no contest.

    • RJTech you’re kinda right, but Touch input is a killer feature for me, sadly made me switch to windows, a system that I wholeheartedly despise. Mac is much cleaner than windows, but it also in standstill mode, while windows has much more support from third party software and hardware products. It also isn’t fair to compare Mac to windows machines not made by Microsoft.

    • RJTech I like the privacy aspect of the camera the 13.9 3000×2000 screen a us a port a a super thin machine yea
      Dedicated graphics is always a plus
      Included dongle and price
      Windows is no osxbut has gotten a lot better lately because apple has spent most of its time on phones and iOS letting windows narrow the gap
      If if you game windows has gotten. Very far ahead of Mac because apple has given virtually no time to Mac gaming

  2. Personally, I’m glad Apple isn’t adding touch screens to Macs. macOS isn’t designed for a touchscreen like iOS is so I think it would be an incredibly stupid thing for Apple to do (and currently with Microsoft because they have added touch support to Windows 10) because the OS wasn’t designed for touch in a way like iOS is.

  3. The throttling on the MateBook when not connected to power is quite surprising. Sort of defeats the purpose of buying a laptop.

    • There may be a workaround for that. But I didn’t dig deep enough (or know enough about Windows) to find out.

    • throttling can be adjusted in windows 10 power settings, that applies to all laptops that run windows, funny how the reviewer omitted that. Changing power settings in windows isn’t something obscure deep down in windows, its a basic function and has been a feature in windows for long long time, maybe as far back as windows 98, but I might be wrong but I wont be too far out, it was definitely a feature as far back as windows xp.

    • Julian Schneider just like all windows laptops, you can adjust the amount of throttling, or even disable it completely.

  4. Impressive hardware. But you said it. I’d rather run snow leopard than windows. Hell, maybe even tiger.
    Though Linux could help a lot too.

  5. The only thing I’m jealous about is the small bezels on the matebook but other than that not jealous about anything else about it

    • So you don’t want latest CPUs? You don’t want better graphics? You don’t want most ports? Hmm…

    • Junior Nguyen I like the price
      Hidden webcam.sharper bigger screen
      2 extra cores
      Dedicated graphics
      Usb a port? Did not think that was possible
      Pass thru usb c power supply
      Included dongle was also a surprise with HDMI vga passthru etc
      Overall styling thin bezels
      Keyboard travel
      Did I say price for those features
      Of course no apple trackpad no apple stores no osx except with a hack
      Great product extremely great price
      I am still impressed with the usb a port on such a thin machine while others have said it is impossible to do
      That is insanely impressive and saves the cost of a dongle
      Great innovative design never say never
      Just add a sd card slot and be almost perfect

  6. There nice but I wouldn’t recommend buying one right now. They are really backed up on almost any online retail site which means they are probably pumping as fast as they can out of production right now and they might be scary when it comes to production quality.

  7. My respect for 4:3
    But goddem glossy chamfer!! its mega-stupid Apple thing and its stupid to copy that.
    It came with the iPhone 5 and iPad Air, and disappeared into the SE and iPad 2018. It seems in the Apple understood that this is bad.

  8. last year hardware (lmao dual core…seriously?) and no dedicated gpu. very happy with my huawei purchase

  9. 2 be honest, just like samsung phones, yes all the specs are better, yes it looks cooler, but it’s not running ios, and has know stability and continuity, so unless you want to jump back into the days of viruses and instability, than yes we should be jealous, but until than the only thing I will be jealous about is a newer version of an apple device that I don’t have

    • Samsung phones (and all Android phones in general) have weaker specs than the iPhone 8 and X. The A11 trumps the SD845 in most benchmarks. However, the MateBook X Pro actually has significantly better specs than the MacBook Pro. 4 cores vs 2 cores, 16gb vs 8gb, Nvidia MX150 vs Intel graphics. Windows 10 is comparable to the speed and reliability of OSX (if you don’t bloat your PC like an idiot).

    • I’ve used iPhones and MacBooks for years.. A year ago I switched to Android (Huawei P10) and I would not find a thing I miss on my P10 compared to iPhone especially since the jailbreak community breaks away, the iPhone becomes an average and overpriced thing.. nevertheless I prefer iOS when it comes to usability and design so I just have an Huawei-own iOS theme (no launcher or something like that) and my P10 works and looks like a charm (like an iPhone + advantages when it comes to hardware) 🙂 Now having my MacBook Air (totally in love with it) I still think of changing to a compromiss between the design and look (display quality etc.) of Apple and the universal usability of Windows (I like OSX but still sometimes miss on gaming and some exe applications etc.).

    • when it comes to accesibility of non-authorized apps, tweaks, configs or whatever, then yes you’re damn right 🙂 when it comes to design and intuitive usability I prefer iOS.. so you’re best of with the freedom of android layed in the look of iOS in my opinion 🙂

    • cameron lestagez Apple fans always use security and stability to frighten nonapple users. We are so afraid. Lol.

    • Robert Evans What’s wrong with this video? It is comparing the Macbook Pro to another laptop that takes many things from the Macbook Pro’s design to see if it does anything better.

  10. so do u think my MacBook Pro 2016 is okay with gaming using bootcamp windows?
    and is windows in bootcamp compatible with Nvidia cards egpu ?
    or just buy a pc for gaming ?

  11. Good luck on getting every month your MacBook for service cause of the faulty keyboard that’s designed to fail. I have this computer and I know. Better choose a 600 windows computer next time and put hackintosh on it . And well the Huawei looks and feels cheap just like the surface laptop. And I have to say I hate this camera and this «punchy» oversaturated nonrealistic bad for photography and art screen.

    • I have the MBP for a year now and the keyboard issue never happened to me. Maybe it’s your fault mate, don’t generalize like that.

  12. Jealous …. is this a joke? this is a ripoff. this is why I don’t respect any Chinese company because they have no brains to think on their own.

    • Dude you are blind just the look at the video … everything is stolen right from packing to every other minute detail

    • Lol. I think lap tops look quite alike each other. No rip off thing. But you choose to see in this way, then good for you.

    • huajie666 liu the phones are also look a lot like each other but are they all the same when it comes to design? It’s the same for laptops they are much like each other but the small keyboard and large trackpad it’s obviously copied from macbook design

    • Alban Osmani I don’t think so, maybe they think in their own way. They think large track pad and comfortable key travel keyboard are good to use. And it happens it looks like Apple stuff. Plus, Apple keyboard is different with how it works here. There are some controversies around Apple keyboard.

  13. Did you change the power settings to performance mode on Windows 10 before running the test when the MateBook X was unppluged?

    • You would have thought the reviewer would mention that all windows laptops can have their performance under battery operation adjusted to suit the user, sadly not in this case, if the reviewer omitted it because he did not know windows laptops could do that then you would have question his competence in carrying out reviews. If the reviewer omitted to mention that so he could point out that in one category the mac is faster then you would have question his impartiality as a reviewer.

    • A Family of 5 depends on whether you prefer a video editing program that is only available on the macbook (like imovie) or not, but the matebook is a bit faster and you can use sony vegas pro -probably the best video editor available- on it. Speeds aren’t too considerably different so it would just be a matter of personal preference of what software you prefer to use that you should base your decision on.

  14. This laptop converted to a Hackintosh is excellent, I love the placement of the webcam since i never use it because most webcams on laptops are terrible anyway, i would rather have a bezel less display any day, than huge bezels and a front facing camera.

  15. One thing that concerns me with laptop screens with little to no bezel is how protected is the screen with bumps and drops. I’m sure not all of us pack our laptop securely in our backpacks as we toss it into the car or on the floor. Now I don’t play games so nonissue for me in fact I can save money and get standard MacBook.

  16. But wait, don’t unplug your computer while it is upgrading. Upgrades every freaking day. Good luck.

  17. *I don’t like the small bezels, leave that to the phones. And the overall design is horrible not even as clean as the macbook… how is this even remotely like a macbook??*

  18. Muhammad Ali I would love to buy a Mac but i can’t because some features on Windows that come by default such as Snap Assist and Mini Thumbmails when you hover in a app icon are dealbreakers if they do not come by default and i do not want to install third-party tools for the same features.

    • Sgt Nik should be. Most hardware has its own linux drivers, or a generic driver it can use at the very least.

    • Adding on to my pervious reply, the fingerprint sensor is reported to not work on Linux, and only two of the four speakers work. The GPU functions fine if you get the linux drivers for it. I would recommend just using Win10 if Linux is not such a big deal for you.

  19. If you use mac, you shouldn’t compare the hardware with another computers. MacOS itself is enough to compare with Windows computers.

  20. On paper, the Matebook is far more superior than the Macbook, but windows can never be macOS. Sure, for gaming there is no match to it but if you need a working machine without any hustle and ripping your hair off over a problem (because the community is so small for windows users, and I’m saying this only for work based situations like web development and such) than the macOS is much much better. I’m a user of both windows (desktop) and macbookpro, and I’ll take the macbook over any windows machine any day. But, that’s just me…In the end of the day, everybody has their different taste and needs, and we all know that you can’t discuss taste with anybody 🙂 Nice video btw, keep up!

  21. next gen macbook pro in 2020 ?? thunderbolt 4 included with higher bandwidth so egpu finally will make sense ??

  22. MacBook still looks 10 times more premium, Apple’s hardware, software, customer service — all second to none

    • I actually like the keyboard as well, once you get to used to it, it’s great, I also didn’t mention that horrible blacklight bleed on the Matebook, enough said

    • The hardware of the macbook pro is worse than the significantly cheaper matebook pro x. Don’t just make stuff up. I will agree though, their customer service is pretty darn good even if their warranties don’t last that long. As for the software, I think that’s a personal choice and I much prefer the extra functionality and much larger app library windows 10 gives me.

    • waquzy you mention the bad build quality of the Matebook pro, but the entire Macbook line since 2015 faces a major design flaw in the keyboards which makes them break easily even under little use.

    • I haven’t had any problems with any of my Macs keyboards, at the moment I am using the 2015 12 inch MacBook, you know the first Apple laptop with the butterfly keyboard, no problems at all. It is a small percentage of Mac users who have the keyboard problem, but I agree it is definitely present as many ppl seem to have it. And I disagree, the hardware of Matebook does not come close to that of the MacBook, Apple’s laptops are pure craftsmanship, small little details, like no flex, no backlight beed, everything is even and symmetrical etc. Huawei has just copied everything, the name, trackpad size, speaker location, the unibody etc. What a joke, its a good thing they can’t copy the software lol. But anyways each to their own

  23. even 9to5mac is brainless…. apple product price is not just for the hardware…… and the hardware didn’t upgrade for an year

    • Paul Lo look, at this point intel chips don’t increase drastically each year so that argument is bs. A 7th gen i5 is pretty much the same as an 8th gen i5. Hardware? USB type C is still the future so that’s bs as well. Learn your facts before you start bashing Apple…

  24. Apple is a hardware company, but the software is what’s keeping them alive… I love OS X, but the recent Macs are kinda… ew..

  25. Jealous? What really turns me off is the Huawei‘s power button, something on my desktop called „intel Power Gadgets» and the sticker on the bottom right.

  26. Inferior track pad, inferior build quality, inferior tasking capacity, screen borders that are preference, Apples track pad alone shows how out dated the product you said made the MacBook outdated is. And the touchbar is useful. I hope they keep it.

  27. No because it runs Windows and also yes because the Macbook keyboards are a ticking time bomb waiting to malfunction and be sent to Apple for (FREE) repairs thanks to Class Action Lawsuits to which Apple still downplays.

  28. I love how this comment section is filled with hating brainwashed Apple sluts… Just because it doesn’t have an apple logo on it doesn’t mean it’s bad

    • Pioneer_1492 well the reason people get MacBooks is because of MacOS so of course we aren’t gonna like it. Another reason people get Apple products is because Apple values quality and so far no laptop stands near the MacBook when it comes to quality so in many cases an Apple logo stands for good

  29. A beautiful computer and a worthy competitor, but for the most important factor (in My view) — the operating system.
    I’m absolutely allergic to the windows OS: to Me, its user interface, especially the visuals (UI, etc.) are Insufferable hideous.
    As an Aesthete, I don’t see ever abandoning the macOS / OS X in favour of anything else extant.
    As for mobile operating systems, I’m an iOS fan (but lament Apple’s departure from skeuomorphic design), the unfortunately long dead Palm WebOS and the SmartisanOS (whose UI out-Apples today’s Apple!). Stock Android and alternative Android iterations are fairly visually appealing, but not nearly as much as the SmartisanOS’ / iOS’.

  30. My eyes are meant to delight in The Beautiful. As a poet of the visible world, I’m averse to ugliness.
    In other words, the only non-Apple desktop OS I might ever like to use (as a secondary desktop OS, as it’s functionality extremely limited and not even remotely satisfactory for Me as a photographer) — is the SmartisanOS.
    I’m as inclined to appreciating the windows OS as a Tiger is to fancy grass or an elephant — a chunk of meat.

  31. hey! awesome video — and by miles the best i saw from you yet!
    if i may ask, could you do a video about the razer core x with the matebook x pro? running a few benchmarks and giving us an idea of the performance loss and a test if latency is increased? that would be awesome of you! thanks 🙂

  32. Your words were harsh but 100% true…please make more videos of this type so that apple could hear and do something like they are doing in smartphones

  33. I personally am not a fan of the direction Apple has been going. The only thing keeping me on a MacBook Pro is Final Cut Pro X.

  34. Where did this point of data collection even come from? What was the purpose of it? You’re just finding any reason, valid and informed or not, to shit on anything that isn’t Apple. I’m not going to say you’re outright wrong because all companies do shady stuff, but your blind devotion to this company is simply adding to the bad rep that Apple fans have. Both Windows and macOS have their advantages. Leave it at that

  35. Literally everything on the MacBook is better? seems to be quite bias lol, it’s running Windows, has an awful trackpad, bad speakers, bad keyboard, bad build quality, bad keyboard, bad resale value etc.

    • Yuddy the macbook pro has a much worse keyboard, where are you getting these facts from? The macbook pro keyboards have a flaw in their design that makes them fail easily and this not only invalidates the macbook having a good keyboard, but also invalidates that the macbook has better build quality. The macbook is significantly slower, just look at the difference in those benchmark results. Obviously the macbook has a better resale value, but that is only because of sheep like you who will buy their stuff for much more than it is worth.

    • I was thinking the same thing. The guy seems to be bias towards apple, like why add the jokes? You dont see apple bashing on other companies they dont have to. They make great products and the money is there to prove it

  36. Don Folders of course you are annoyed by this laptop. It’s got excellent hardware and a great overall package.

  37. It takes more than that to make me want something else than Apple products… Apple products are longer lasting, better supported, more widely used and way more stable compared to alternatives.

  38. My problem with Huawei is that five years ago I bought their smartphone, which was called P6 and looked very much like iPhone, but had a bigger screen, and the phone broke in the end of the first day of use. Luckily I got the money back from Amazon and purchased a real iPhone. I just do not want to waste my time with these guys.

  39. Am I jealous. Nope. Competition is good. If the biggest drop off is keyboard an touchscreen, then that’s a thin line. What I see, a company copying the MacBook as much as they can, throwing in the things people want and highlighting keyboard flaws. At the end of the day it still run windows… and I put that aside a looooong time ago.

  40. Alessandro C It’s not really a bad thing. The more annoyed apple fanboys you see in the comment section the more obvious it becomes how great of a product the MateBook X Pro is.

  41. failed devices happen, to every company.
    and especially huawei has come an incredibly long way in the last year, i had some older devices but always prefered Samsungs Galaxy series far over huaweis P series. In 2018 for the first time I can say without large buts that the P20 line (espc the pro) is superior to the S9(+) for 90% of consumers with small exceptions if you value hand held 4k 60 video but not photography (and even then the S9 isnt the goto) yeaaa….

  42. Unless another company manages to make a well known and good selling laptop BRAND (more products over more years), it will still be useless because Apple users don’t care about the tech stuff (aka half of the video) most other companies focus on

    • Harumpf11 To be fair apple is a top world dominating company and still hasn’t released a new laptop and we are already halfway done with the year so… it is fair

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