12 Replies to “Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus Review: Solid LTE Tablet On A Budget”

    • Sypno Tech it matters as i want to use a tablet as a headunit on my car to listen to online radios and podcast ontheroad.. that’s why im leaning towards cheap chinese tablets like xiaomi or teclast ones,but if the lenovo drops to say $149-199 i might consider this

  1. Why would you pay extra for an LTE tablet or even laptop? It incredibly easy to tether your tablet or laptop to your cell phone. Tethering is also a much cheaper alternative. I have never bought a LTE PDA, tablet or laptop and I have been tethering since the Palm PDA and Handspring PDA days. LOL. Thanks once again. Your style is very personal, honest and unique. Keep up the good work.

  2. What the heck are you talking about Huawei makes great tablets and also good for quick photo edits with a 2k display!

  3. Yeah agree about Lenovo and updates I had a Lenovo p2 and it never got updates that’s the reason I got rid of it ,I’ve got an iPad Air,iPad Air 2 and a Amazon hd 10 the air 2 is by far the best of the 3 .im wanting a good android tablet but cannot find one what would you recommend

    • Andrew Smith As I said in the video Huawei and Samsung are brands to look at, but you’ll pay for it. I personally have migrated to Chrome OS full time for Android Tablet usage. Things like the C302 and the Chromebook Plus have made the loss of an Android tablet in my daily usage okay.

    • Sypno Tech I just bought a acer r11 chromebook which can turn into a chrome book but find it quite heavy and awkward to hold in tablet mode I bought it to replace my iPads but it cannot wish I’d bought the ASUS flip

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