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  1. Quick question. Isn’t always better to charge the phone before using it? Because i heard that the batteries dies faster like that

  2. i want to know how At&t is the worse service. It’s actually one of the best. You’re probably one of those people that heard that At&t sucks, so you try to follow the HYPE thinking it sucks.

  3. Is the video taking quality as good as the original Blackjack or better? I thought the original had some of the best video for a cell phone

  4. It really depends on how much music u plan on having. Think of it as having a 1gb MP3 player…sounds pretty slim right? I’d get at least 2gb.

  5. From what I’ve seen the video quality is great…not sure how the first BlackJack quality was, but on the 2, you get tons of options 320×240 resolution, plus Super Fine setting.

  6. I wonder why the Blackjack II rearranged the keys in which you would use to dial numbers? I mean, on the original Blackjack the numbered keys were a row apart from each other, and because the keyboard was so small it made it easier to dial! But now on the new one, the number are all next to each other! But anyway, the new Blackjack is undeniably sexy!!!

  7. Yeah, AT&T gets people with that whole «least» dropped calls thing. They never said they didn’t have dropped calls, they just have the «least».

  8. but can somebody (with really experience with both phones)
    tell me if i shuld get a Blackjack II or a Pantech Duo?
    send me a message

  9. I am thinking about getting this phone. I was wondering if it feels big in your pocket. Also does the GPS come free with the phone? Also good video!!

  10. i have a blackjack one i love it i played with the blackjack 2 its real nice i would get it if i did not have 2 more years with att

  11. Right now, I’m trying to decide between the Blackjack 2 and the Pantech Duo. I’m mostly getting one of the phone for texting, since I text a lot, so I’m looking for other people’s opinions.

    Blackjack 2 or Pantech Duo. I will be having Unlimited texting but NO internet.

  12. No.

    You either have to pay 5.99 a month for a watered-down version of the TeleNav navigator (limited number of trips, no turn-by-turn), or 9.99 a month for the full navigator, which is basically the same as having a TomTom or Magellan, but with a smaller screen.

  13. Windows Mobile is great! I like being able to sync everything and take my info with me. The crimson color is nicer as well.

  14. Hi,
    Can someone tell me how I can look at my SENT text messages in the old version of black jack?Thank you

  15. I have the blackjack 1 and was wondering if the headphones for the bj1 fit for the bj2, can anyone help me? thanks

  16. this phone is great, but i cant watch anything on youtube, its says it not the right format any suggestions????

  17. I have a family plan and was able to qualify by purchasing the unlimited chat for the family. For what that is worth.

  18. you may already know by now since i am responding so late, but the D-Day application is basically a countdown. You put in the info for whatever event, and it will count down for you to the second so you know how long you have until that event occurs. Hope that helped.

  19. I have a samsung d807 and it allows you to password lock your messages and contacts, does this allow you to do that to

  20. yes it has gps built in BUT you have to pay ten bucks a month for it, of course if you download google maps mobile, the gps works for free

  21. comment on my channel asap asap asap asap asap asap asap asap k i got the pantech matrix for 70$, then a week l8r it was a free fone, my brother got the lg shine, but his has been broken three times so he got a black jack ii for free, how should i convince him to trade fones, or should i keep thwe matrix help me asap

  22. does anyone know how to delete videos on the very first blackjack? i go to view videos and i cant delete all it says it play ot go back t the camcorder plz help.

  23. Omg this phone…catered so many moments for me in my transformative youth. So much mischief planned. Late night texts with that notification. Hiding files deep into indescript folders. Uploading and listening to music I prob ripped off limewire. Just playing w that spinwheel in my pocket. The phone was a means for facilitating real life ends. Like calling to connect with my boy. Late night calls w girls. Texting to see what someones plans were. Uploading music I cherished for trips or pregame pump ups. Etc. Before phone apps & usage became ends in and of themselves. It’s Q2 of 2018 and I’m thinking of purchasing the Blackberry Classic so I can get back to the phone being a phone, and not a superpowered computer tracking my every move and constantly serving as a temptress of distraction. Had to get that strong hit a nostalgia w a review of this phone to tilt the favor towards an essentialist life. It delivered big. Much <3

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