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  1. Hi, I have a Bravia model KDL-32L5000 and the screen shows some (4) lines, horizontaly on the very top which appear to be like not getting the right image to display, the screen looks black and those lines are like light grey with some black pixels. Also it shows verticla lines but are green in color, and they get to a brighter green wth the time.

    I hope your TV is working OK but I didn’t understand very well what you found out to be the problem or what exactly fixed it.

  2. Also, I recomend using something other than that tape since the TV’s temp will heat the adhesive in the tape and it will lose grip on what ever you tried to keep in place with it 🙂

  3. So far it has been working fine. Still working like a champ. Only thing I did was that I took the metal frame out of there because it was actually pressing on the tabs so once took it off it actually works pretty well. In your case what I would do it is smack the tv for a little bit see if the ghost images move if it does it could be a problem with that tabs. Try to hit were the images are messed up. Let me know how that goes

  4. it wont last long and forget about sony making it right on a defect problem ill buy any brand from now on than a sony product

  5. It’s still holding up with no problems. Not bad because I have had this TV for about 4 years now. And I also bought it open box at best buy. If you ask me, I think I got my moneys with. Although you are right, I will not get a Sony again.

  6. I did this today and so far it’s working like a charm. Crossing my thumbs it’s gonna hold up forever : D

    Just wanted to say thanks for the video!

  7. I have horizontal lines and ghosting on my Sony Bravia KDL40 EX401 but in trying to start following your advice, I couldn’t get the black plastic facia off to even start! Does anyone else find it hard to pull away? Is there a knack to doing this, how hard should one pull before the plastic snaps?! I was able to get all the sides away but in the middle it wouldn’t budge top or bottom and I had to stop for fear of snapping in half. Grateful for any advice.

  8. I purchased before one year Sony LED 46 inch. Today I have problem of no picture . My brother had cleaned the screen by Glass cleaner ,may some water went inn.At the movement no pictire on the TV .Power and sound is OK . Do you have any idea ?

  9. Good video.
    by the way is sounds like the sanitation department is waiting for you to take out your trash.
    JK, good video.

  10. Simply having one bad experience with a Sony does not justify saying «I will never buy a Sony again.» I’ve had products of all different brand names break on me, and I know it sucks. But really, there are no electronics out there that are prone to defects. Sony when it comes to televisions are among the most reliable… but they aren’t perfect.

  11. i have a 52″ that was given to me cause of this problem so they bought a new one and this fixed it thanks for taking the time to make this video

  12. Mines real bad and mine doesent have as many little things as yours mine has only 6 tabs plz help mins a KDL-32L4000 41in

  13. i got a sony bravia from 2008 to but i got a shadow dowen the senter ov my one it driving me nusts no fliking thow is the shadow the same wat u wer having with ur one in that vid :S rb jimmy

  14. Question…
    When you had the issue, dis it happened mostly when you start it after a while been off and then went away maybe 20 minutes after its on?

  15. if i remember correctly, it started after having it on for a couple of minutes. then it would have those lines. if i turned it off, and back on, it would still be there. i noticed if i smacked it around, the lines would move around, so i figured that it was a hardware problem and not the system itself.

  16. Thanks for your reply. I’m getting issues only when just turned on and then it goes away within 15 minutes. I gave up on Sony which has not done much to assist on the issue, so I think I will try to open her up and look for loose screen tabs and possibly loose T-con ribbon.

  17. Great Job..

    Were you having this same issue..??

    SONY LCD TV KLV-32BX300 Image flicker (Search in Youtube)

    Am currently having this same issue and Sony is not helping repair it as it is Out of Warranty now.

    Thanks in advance..!!

  18. hey mad max, my father in laws tv has a similar problem to what you say. When first turned on it is very dark in the center of the screen and the picture has a lot of ghosting artifacts. After 20 minutes or so it usually starts working ok as well. Did you ever fix the problem? I’m thinking about opening it up and seeing if these are loose as well.

  19. Thats what happened to mine, had the ghost image for half hour then went back to normal, until recently it gets stuck on ghost imaging, but will try this video for help!

  20. Hey, I have a 32 inch samsung. Problem is when I plug it in the back light will flash for a split second then off again. after a few seconds this will happen again over and over until I unplug it. There is NO red led power indicator in front. And no buttons work. Nothing when I plug things in back. But strangely enough when I unplug the tuner board from the PSU the back light stops blinking and shows a steady light but obviously no picture. I plug it back in and it blinks. Please help. Thanks!

  21. Glad to see it worked on your TV. I also left the frame out, only because it look like it would mess with the tabs again.

  22. Mind had both ghosting and poor coloring in a rectangle on the right side. By chance while it was on I was moving it and pushed the LEFT SIDE rim of the TV… PRESTO! it was fixed… for a few seconds. I figured out the exact spot and plan to repair it as described above. This might be your problem try pressing all around the edge and you might find where the ribbon is detached.

  23. Thanks for uploading the video. I have KD40WL140 Bravia TV 50″. I took it all apart, put tape just like it was described in the video. It now works perfectly with out ghosting. It is about a 3 hour project. The most difficult were the screws of frame. They were very small and screwed on tight. Glad I had a friend to help lift the multiple pieces.

  24. mine didn’t work and I have the same issue with the ghostly images. please help I have a 52 inch lg

  25. I have a Sony TV KDL-40EX720 after switching it on for a couple minutes the display becomes blurry or ghosted (over and under). It is perfectly fine for the first 1-2 minutes and the Sony troubleshoot says this will fixed by pressing the 3D button repeatedly on the remote control which is I don’t have a 3D button on my remote. Anyone who want to help me please email me at warrehns@gmail.com or leave a comment here..

  26. Thanks d for posting. I was wondering how your issue looked.For example the right half of the screen was dark and gave a slow motion psychedelic effect and had 2 vertical lines one was rainbow colored and the other was black both came down across the entire screen. Thanks in advance!

  27. Good video dud I have a question how did you turn your tv on without the back cover and is exatly the same model but I try mine and is not turning on is their a safety switch or something  please reply because I have the same problem with mine tv.

  28. A *VERY* temporary solution.  The problem of the flexible matrixing tab circuits debonding from the glass layer of the LCD display can not be repaired under any conditions.

  29. I have to say this video helped me fix my issue on my 52″ Sony Bravia but I took additional step to do a REFLOW on my TCON Board also … so now it works like a champ  

  30. Can someone please help me on how to access the tabs? My model is kdl — 46×3100 and i am a complete noob with televisions, so any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂 

  31. Thank you! You saved another Sony Bravia. 
    We did something very close as you did with the taping and it worked.
    No more ghosting for my TV anymore!

  32. Thanks I have been tapping or waiting for my t v to warm up in order to get rid of lines and ghosting . But after watching your video . I took my 46 sony bravia apart and tapped all the connections and wow what a difference . I agree a tlot of screws .  

  33. I just took my kdl52w4100 apart all the way to the tabs.But i dont know exactly what you did after that. What and where were you taping? Thanks.

  34.  I’m trying to fix my XBR 52″ but had to stop as I didn’t know how to remove the foils on the top which is stuck to the metal frame.  Did you peel it off from the frame or the back of the LCD?  What if I tear or damage the foil?  Great video and thanks again!

    • +malik0515 The Foil will be ok. It is just there to prevent you from removing the plate that protects the ribbons. And also protects the tcon ribbon cables from damage from sharp objects.

  35. I have sony 40s4100 with same problem. After opening it for repair. I found some of the wires had lost there protective coating. Leaving bare wires in contact with each other and I believe caused my image problem. These are very small wires and you really have to look at them close to see bare spots. When I touched them the protective coating liitterly just turned into dust. Personally I would strongly suggest unplugging and not using until you had wires checked.

  36. I bought sony bravia 32 inches teo years ago. Recently im facing a trouble. It is good at beginning and after five minutes it changes its color into violet. What should ido

  37. 3 hours later my sony 46 inch works mint again, got it cheap off an auction site my ways cuz the seller got sick of the ghosting/flickering etc so im happy 😉

  38. Hi? I have sony kdl-32r402 now won`t read any port (USB,AV,HDMI,MHL) but RF port steel work. what can I do to fix this problem?

  39. Oh man! I cannot thank you enough! So many videos none showing this step. Most people replacing parts! On my 47 inch Insignia, I would have loved to have seen what it was doing before on yours before. I opened up the side that was giving me issues turned out nothing was holding it in place! 3 pieces of electrical tape fixed my 6 year old TV! Best buy wanted 99 bucks to look at it….

  40. sony bravia model kdl-32bx310 screen blackouts , I turn the tv on n see the sony logo but it fades awy n the screen turns black , power is still green n on , please help asap.

  41. I bought a Sony Bravia led TV 42 inch last year which is now showing video half screen and the other half is just black. if you however press menu it displays full screen.what do I do to fix this problem??

  42. You would think that lcd manufacturers would install a connector on the lcd and a connector on the board with a replaceable ribbon connecting the two together. Just poor designs in my opinion. This is a common problem on many brands of TV’s. Sometimes this temporary fix works and other times it will not depending on how loose the bond is on the panel or on the board.

    • I agree. I think it just cost them too much to make. and they want for the TV to break.. broken TV means more sales…

  43. My brother brought a samsung led bravia tv, but I broke my brothers samsung led bravia tv screen by accident, it has a star like crack on the bottom right corner and shows rainbow lines but the sound still goes. Will it be better to buy the same model or can I replqce it? I dont mind paying £300 for it. I just want it back on the wall working again.

    • +MrDiegostang That the thing though it will be expensive to fix it but buying the same one will be difficult since the model that my brother brought was in 2014 and it was on sale. Im am looking for the same model or same look, same size and colour but it will be difficult.

  44. Thanks a lot for the very good advice! I managed to fix my KDL40W4500 today doing exactly what you did.

  45. Thank you so much. I was able to fix a tv I thought dead for six months.. and sell (because I’ve since replaced)

  46. I Have Sony Bravia TV that’s got green band halfway down the screen rest of pic is ok, can it be repaired?

    • Patricia Hardman depends. is it a small band? if it is then you could do this step. look for ribbons that are loose.. if not then maybe the circuit malfunctioned. sometimes liquids leaking inside the cracks will mess them up.

  47. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me, the green band starts at the top of screen to about a third down you can still see the pic underneath , but it’s not nice viewing, after a while,! just wondered is it worth a repair, wish I could upload a pic for you , but don’t know how yet.

    • I would probably say its not worth repairing.. if the lines are dont go all the way down, then your x axis lcd porting may be failing., but if you press menu or volume and that band isnt there, then it may be a problem with your inputs (main board) if you still see the green over the menu, then your lcd is bad.

  48. Broken screens / panels are broken panels Those fixes are just temporary. Some panels have a small chance of working on them, broken by passes fixed with very tiny wires, but that or a chip soldering is all you can get.

    • Carlos Almeida It will at least give you time to shop for another one and not expect for it to stop working. I know this is temporary.

  49. personally I think that they use excessive amount of screws so that the public is discouraged from fixing an easy problem and decides to buy a new television set

    • +joseph intravaia I think you are probably right. But remember that even if you touch a capacitor that is charged and not currently plugged in, then it can potentially shock you (some at 400v). So maybe they don’t even want you inside the TV.

  50. I have 32″samsung ltf320ap11 having double image, is there any help for me to do it since am a technician in Ghana

  51. i have a samsung 32in lcd tv with a blue /ghost like image on all edges of panel. and the darker the scree the more noticable this image gets . the picture on tv is great put the image all around the screen is -i dont know . any answerers will apreciate. Dhenke57@gmail.com

    • but why does this display problem show up in dark areas . when i have say google home page on the picture is perfect

    • the model is LN32A300J1D. i was wandering if there is something on the main board that could cause this .to give you an idea of what this is .there is a sympton in dpl tv called tunneling. thats what this looks like. thank you don henke.

  52. Thanks a lot. It works. Ghost images are gone. But horizontal black lines at right side of screen still stay. But it’s other story… Thanks again!

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