74 Replies to “GeForce 11 Launch Window & GTX 1180 Highest SKU According to Lenovo | Intel 10nm Hits Laptops”

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  1. Only thing that ticks me off with a 1180 release date is I know I’ll still have to wait god knows how long for a 1180 ti…

    • Slim420 Gaming don’t know but I have a 1080 ti, I live in the UK and even the mining phase GPU’s could be bought at launch price, now you can get a 1080 ti for £650 which was the 1080 launch price here, you can get a 1080 for £480 now, that kind of money is in reach of most people in the UK, mine cost a bit more as I got it day one but it wasn’t a silly price like in US ect.

    • Super Man It’s everything but certain. I’ll get the first 7nm card I can buy, my 980ti is showing its age on badly optimised games like DCS and I’m looking to flank my single 1440p monitor with two 1080p panels of the same size and have them work on a surround setup. If they come out with a full «xx102» consumer chip on 7nm priced under 900 euros I’m selling the 980ti and paying the difference for it. It’s reasonable to think such a thing would be twice as fast as the current 1080ti. TSMC’s 12nm is custom made for nvidia so we’ll still see massive gains, but not as dramatic as a 7nm jump would’ve been. Boy would I love to see that happen… Seems like I’ll wait until next year probably

    • Sterling Pesso I had a 8800GTX about 12 years ago, and after the GTX 780 cards they did a 800 series but they were just a rebrand of the 700 series and never sold to public and just went in to prebuilt systems and laptops, the 900 series was the next new card.

  2. Ill wait til the 1180ti comes out before upgrading from my 1080ti. My 1080ti is a badadd card i loge it. But i also love to have the latest n greatest lol.

  3. This claim, that Intel doesnt give any good tech cuz they are still on 14nm is just ridiculous.
    Kaby Lake G is an extermely good piece of hardware, yet i cant see any laptops based on it.

    • I wonder if the new MacBooks will adopt the Kaby Lake G with Vega graphics. They seem to be perfect for that application.

    • well the Intel engineers had a lot of time with 14nm so they should know a lot about how it works thus more able to optimize for 14nm than 10nm the down side to moving to a new process node is it is new for the engineers too and some stuff that worked on bigger process nodes will not work on smaller ones while what would work on smaller ones will not work on bigger ones

  4. «Given our increased conviction in a October product launch, pent-up demand following recent shortages….» Shortages? Didn’t one retailer try to return a few hundred thousand cards? I wouldn’t call that a shortage. I’d call it greed. People weren’t buying cards because they’re still overpriced. NVidia is out to lunch. Wake me up when 1080s are $400 or less.

  5. This isn’t _necessarily_ confirmation of anything. That guy was very likely just using «1180 series» as shorthand for «…NVIDIA’s next generation gpu series» because that’s an easier ‘referent’. Certainly the guy should have qualified things a bit more, and perhaps he did so before/after off camera, but banking on that as a confirmation of anything is folly.

  6. Sorry to burst the bubble but that rep wasn’t confirm anything. If he assumes it will be called the 1180; then he can say «will support the 1180 as well» and not mean anything concrete.

    The next comment regarding «fall release» can definitely be solidifying to the naked eye to make what he previously stated «official»… but who knows

    He can expect the same thing everyone does, even partners with limited parts and order info.

  7. More likely that the Lenevo guy just talked about the ‘1180’ the same way we talk about it . It proofs nothing !

  8. Paul just a thought, as Raja and now Chris Hook have moved over to Intel, it looks a little weird seeing the stock footage of them with Vega. (I know Raja wasn’t in today’s video but he has been in recent ones). As I said just a thought keep the videos coming.

  9. 10-to-20 doesn’t seem too confusing compared to his keynotes that used the words «imagine/future/possibilities/» 2000 times. While rambling about revolutionary AI and VR products that doesn’t exist yet. I am only criticizing the rumour because other companies have gone to 20 (ex Huawei).
    Marketing-wise 2080 is a simple way to give the impression of a generation switch/2nd gen compared to 1180. While on the other hand 1180 distinguish itself and might not interfere with other companies product schemes.

  10. I’m wondering if you’re related to Benedict Cumberbatch… You kinda look like him, and occasionally can’t seem to pronounce certain words («penguin» was impossible for him in one documentary)… Your word is apparently «coal». It sounded like you said «ca-wull» XD

  11. Who really cares about the name of novideo’s new card? I just hope they don;t jew out too hard.

    • HuMaNiTaRiAn1 it’s Nvidia they’re anti consumer anti technology company. Money is they’re only goal.

    • i think they are a anti consumer but pro GPU technology company just want to absorb everyone else then integrate their tech into a nVidia card line after which charge $1,000 to $5,000 more USD for it than the before card in the series

  12. I’m so glad I have a 1080Ti because all this drama about when and if NVidia will release their next GPUs is starting to bore me. Its not like the bloody things will be that much faster than the current cards I’m betting. Probably just 10%-15% or so considering there is no real competition from AMD in the GPU market. I’d love to see AMD sneak something badass in though just to shake NVidia up.

    • im with FifthGear on this one, 980ti = 1070, nvidia would be crazy to aim for anything lower then this in the next gen aswell

    • Don’t get me wrong I would love to see them put out better but I just got this doubt they wont at their 1170 level. I think they’ve gotten lazy and are just going to piece meal us unless AMD can get their GPU segment together. Which I doubt will happen.

    • An 1170 will probably match the 1080ti yes. The 1180 should be 20% to 30% faster, maybe more… While TSMC’s custom architecture for nvidia is no 7nm, that 12nm custom stuff should work wonders because it’s still JUST for nvidia’s needs.

    • if you have a sufficient system that meets your needs for while, just wait cause this cards are just lurking in the corner.

  13. They’re gonna release September. Mark my word. Hopefully by October I can have the GTX 1170 and an i9 9900K I am planning as a build.

  14. I suspect that those 300.000 cards that were returned to NVidia will end up in «off the shelf» machines, namely Dell, Acer, Hewett Packard and Lenovo and the like. Machines for office workers. Machines for render-farms. Machines for supermarkets and small businesses etc;.

  15. In the future I want this new tech stuff, which one? Ryzen 1700 for $189.99 & 32gb ram hopefully & 290x sapphire tri-x crossfire for 60fps crossfire for 4k gaming on a budget, thats a long ways off. *Tomorrow I get Chinese Buffet, wanna come with? lol*

  16. Nvidia sends engineers, AMD sends used parts. Yup, it’s all GameWORKS fault. Same old AMD: Forcing developers to do ALL the work and so holding gaming back. Meanwhile, Nvidia develops it’s architecture around what developers want/need.

    Intel’s gaming advantage degrading?! LOL!!! A Fing i5 8400 stomps a LATENCY riddled 2700X.

    • well the nVidia part is not false and helping developers use your propriety API suit does give you an advantage over your competitors
      the part about Intel’s i5 8400 is false as yes the latency is longer by around 5ns to 13ns per instruction which if they update the EUFI is fixed in «game mode» as the long latency is between the chips on the CPU containing the execution cores but as it was a fix to have all the threads that relate to one another run on the same chip on the AMD CPU chip the latency went down to normal again so not so true making it as fast as a Intel chip now if not a little faster due to more cores so it can spread the threads around to more execution cores
      now without the update yes it is slower but with the update and change in the EUFI it is the same if not a little faster also a up to 5ns difference in speed is not noticeable as the speed from you M.2 NVMe drive is 8ns to 11ns latency to the drive then that again for the drive back to the CPU very fast yes but you see my point that the difference dos not matter if the data is on the storage drive and not system RAM now if it is stored on the graphics card it will not matter either way if the system is set up correctly it will not be noticeable except for in benchmark results
      AMd is really catching up to Intel which is good for us consumers but bad for Intel as Intel seems to have forgotten how to compete

    • Holy shit are you being a moron. Try and look into nvidia’s history before making bullshit arguments like these. They’ve held the industry back countless times.

    • Chris Fokjohn i am not saying nVidia is good i am just saying nVidia has smart business practices which is a totally different thing from the concept of good and evil
      if i was to make a moral judgement about nvidia i would say semi-evil but i do agree with you nVidia has held back industry progress by making good technologies propriety

  17. by your title i was hoping Intel 10nm was coming to laptops but as it is delayed again probably due to low yields i guess a AMD EPYC or AMD Threadripper will have to do as some how they run with less heat than a high core count Intel CPU when running at 100% on all cores for 168 hours straight and do not make the room that much hotter either so i guess AMD computer this time ….
    Intel used to be good now not so much and its lead is going away like my wallet as i need a new motherboard for which ever CPU i get

  18. If the 11 series drops in the Fall, then Pascal will’ve been the longest Nvidia’s gone in a while without releasing a new architecture. Kepler to Maxwell was less than a year and a half apart (May 2013-September 2014), while Maxwell to Pascal was a bit longer than that (September 2014-May 2016). Right now we’re on May 2016 to July 2018 (this year) earliest, and possibly October or November 2018 latest.

    If AMD doesn’t step up and compete with Navi or whatever they decide to release next, Nvidia may very well be done with making gaming graphics cards after this next release, assuming Intel doesn’t provide much competition in the GPU market either, because we can’t go much farther aside from increasing the resolution and textures. We’re definitely seeing Moore’s Law at work.

  19. Really looking forward to the 11 series. I bought a gtx 1080 on sale for $420 and when the mining craze took over, I sold it for $600. I’ll be using that extra money towards an 1180, and worst case scenario if the 1180 doesn’t end up being a huge improvement or it ends up costing a ton of money, the 1080 will presumably drop even more by then so I still would have ended up making money.

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