37 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro vs Honor 10: Differences That Matter!”

    • That’s awesome if it happens, many other Android OEMs have promised similar in the past and they failed to deliver

    • It’s bullshit all these android devices are a fragmented mess. Android = buy new device every year to stay updated. Apple = updated continuously for years.

    • vinqxd 7 Apple=updates iPhones continuously buy slow your phone down so that you have to buy a new one to get Max potential

  1. Hey Jeff two questions on the Honor 10. Did you use the phone on T mobiles network? Also is their a setting to use button gestures like the P20 pro? Thanks!

    • Yes, it works great on TMobile. Also, the gestures can be used, but because the vibration motor is so annoying I don’t like using gestures on the Honor 10 as much as P20 Pro.

  2. Woah the whites on the honor 10 looked really less white compared to the p20 pro when u showed us the performance

  3. I still play with my Huawei mate 8 at home, 6 inch 16:9 awesome mini tablet, battery is still great after 1.5 years because 4000mah. the chinese version has got oreo so hopefully they’ll release oreo to other versions soon, these 18:9 phones I don’t really like

  4. Hi! What do you think about Honor 10 vs Mate 10 pro overall ? I was planing on buying mate 10 pro but now i am not sure..

    • Oh i see you mean the keyboard only, yes you can adjust that in Gboard settings but not he vibration for gestures and nav buttons. Also, even on the lowest perceptible setting in Gboard it still feels awful. The strength isn’t the only thing that determines how natural the haptics feel.

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