12 Replies to “iPhone 6 Vs Galaxy S5 In 2018! (Comparison) (Review)”

  1. Dude great video but I absolutely hate the Galaxy S5. Anyways great video , I’ll consider you do a video entitled iPhone 8 plus vs any of the older iPhones

  2. I would personally pick the iPhone 6 just because of the extra year of support, and it feels a lot more premium. great video man

  3. Bro can you stop with the iphone vs samusng comparing tbh you mostly talk trash about samsung.

    we get it you love apple cool.

  4. The iPhone 6 is way better because it benchmarks a lot faster and it’s going to last longer even after iOS 12 the apps will still be good for another couple years

  5. IPhone 6 camera is better than the s5, sorry but megapixels isn’t everything. I would get the 6, faster future update looks better and feels better and camera and I will always be on IOS.

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