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  1. i was considering to get ThinkPad T420 for some old title gaming because my main machine Asus X200MA is weak

  2. The laptops at my school boots faster than that, and their laptops have the same operated system, not the latest version of Windows 10 like you have on your laptop. The specs on their Think-pads are nothing compares to your Think-pad.

  3. you didnt take out the battery before doing the upgrade. lol are you a computer tech or are you a noob lol only noobs forget to take out the battery lol funniest thing ive seen all day,

    • You can’t be serious. It’s an incredibly stupid comment. There was no need to start calling me out as an inexperienced noob just because I made a little oversight by not removing the battery, and judging by how many likes my reply got I think many more people agree with me than him.

      As for the whole «kill me» stuff, you do understand that that’s part of my shtick. I enjoy suicide jokes with a passion, dark humor is where it’s at for me, and I know for a fact that you’ve been a viewer of my channel for longer than 5 minutes so you should understand that, so why are you only complaining just now? This channel isn’t for pussy SJW cunts, it’s for real people who have a real sense of humor and can take a joke, and if you don’t like that you can get the fuck out.

    • Well I find them hilarious, and this is my channel so I’ll do as I please. You can leave if you don’t like it.

  4. i use windows 10 exclusively because ive never had windows 10 issues ever. so i guess im in the minority, or im just lucky

    • +Jack Stavris
      well hopefully it does get fixed. Btw, nice upgrade to the 420. Really like that laptop. My T440 just got the entire motherboard replaced by lenovo because it fried. somehow.

      luckily that laptop has warranty till dec 2017

    • tech came out to my house put a new wifi card in it which wasnt connecting to any networks, tehy took it to the repair hub, and then put a new board in it and it was working fine

    • We’ll see what happens with the next Windows 10 update due in March. If I see that it’s working better for others I may go back.

      Yeah I’m really impressed with how this SSD has brought new life to this machine. This laptop has served me well for two and a half years now, so now I can get a bit more life out of it before the iGPU starts to annoy me or Intel actually puts some effort in and increases single threaded performance so that Sandy Bridge feels outdated. The warranty of my T420 ran out in March 2015 so it’s been out of warranty for nearly 2 years but nothing has gone wrong on it so far.

    • lenovo these days may have a hiccup every now and then but they get it fixed fast.

    • i wanted to get a new x series because of portability and shit, would be nice for college but they cost a arm and a leg, and well. the new dual battery thing annoys the hell out of me, i would like just one battery so if it dies simple fix, not to have to take one out of the pc and put a new one in then get another one if the back one dies. too many things that can go bad.

  5. Upgrading to an SSD is the single most important thing you can do to speed up your computer, more than adding more ram or upgrading the CPU. It’s a pity that newer computers come with m2 slots because maybe you won’t able to use your mSATA drive in a future computer.

  6. intel hd as far back as first gen is good enough for 99% of daily tasks, you can watch videos in 1080p on them easily, and the newest ones im talking skylake or so can play 4k

  7. I saw your video well. One thing I want to let you know. The Thinkpad T420’s m-Sata slot is works with SATA2 Speed. In other words, it is faster than the HDD, but the original speed of your SSD does not come out. All Sandy-bridge based ThinkPads work with SATA2 in mSata Slot. In order to operate as SATA3, a separate modification work is required. If you need to modify it, you can refer to the Thinkpad User forum.

    • can you go a little more in depth with the separate mod needed? i read that the t420s only said it works with sata2 speeds because they cant oversell it and say it runs on sata3 speeds if sata3 drives werent even on the market yet

    • It’s limited to SATA2 speeds due to the Intel 6 series chipset (I think the T420 uses the QM67 chipset iirc). Back in 2011 when it was current Intel only really designed the slot for use as an SRT slot for SSD caching for a mechanical drive. However it can work with any SSD as a normal drive but it will operate under the slower speeds because it runs on the SATA2 controller within the chipset as the 6 series chipsets were the first from Intel to have native SATA3 and thus was reserved for the 2.5″ SATA slot on the machine).

      I’ve actually came across a few desktop boards from the same time which also have an mSATA slot for the same purpose (one being a Gigabyte Z68P-DS3 that I used in a build for someone) however the slot on those cannot function as a standard SSD slot. However thinking about it now that may be a limitation on Gigabyte’s end and not a chipset limitation.

  8. anniversary update is good if you have an SSD but not if you have a HDD I can tell that because Mum computer is slow fuck

    • can I drink you please?

      also no, they don’t exist. Windows Update is your best bet for drivers for Intel HD 3000.

  9. Sooo i have a wifi connector under my keyboard and then i have the exact same msata connector like you do in the video with the wires and all should i buy a msata ssd and take a gamble?

  10. I have the i5 2520M, can I upgrade the video card of it? I always use a CAD software and it seems to lag even on games

    • you need an EXP GDC external dock and a external gpu if you wanna game .. the L400 series is the most convenient lapto to use this kind of build with it has a free pcie slot and a nice little shield you can remove from over it .. very convenient you dont have to pull down the machine totally..

  11. something is wrong with that i have a SL510 runnin windows and a 160 hdd and it boots in like les than 8 sec idk whats wrong with your machine do a dsk chk ..

    • Melvin Can Melvin T420 does have bluetooth if you see a bluetooth backlight next to wifi on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I faced the similar issue you need the Lenovo wifi utility to start using the wifi and bluetooth.

  12. Hello, I have a small question: is the port just m-sata or es pci-e? because I’m going to buy an external chart and I do not know if I have to buy the pci-e connector or the Express card connector. Please answer me 🙂

    • I’m the only one who uses this machine, and I’m not a total fuckwit so there would be no malware to begin with.

  13. Nice and informative video. I decided to buy this laptop for school because of how upgradable and cheap it is 🙂

  14. On the old HDD, that thing boots up slower than my Latitude D620 running XP with a (possibly) dying Seagate 120GB 5400 RPM HDD and that thing has a 2GHz Core 2 Duo and 2GB of RAM.

    Also, about the GPU, you can get an external GPU dock and hook up a desktop GPU.

  15. Just quick question. is the slot where you installed the ssd is free from factory? Or you removed the wifi/something else card from it? (the intro killed me :D)

    • nvm, I realized that Im blind, when you shown the win 7 installed, i saw the wifi icon at the bottom right corner. really good video! 🙂

    • That slot is ment for the 3G Module, some configurations came with it. Like mine. But if you don’t plan to stick a SIM card in your T420 (the slot is under the battery) you can just remove it, if you have it.

  16. Dude A+ video hilarious and informative. I have the same laptop and the thing is slow like yours booting up. Just got a 1TB evo 850 on clearance tonight!

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