18 Replies to “Samsung Kies sync software is crap”

  1. kies said it needed to update, before i could update my note to ics.(which i love)
    i took a shower, ate dinner, watched an episode of 30 rock, and washed dishes.
    kies had not finished updating.
    i cannot update my phone.

  2. kies is a useless software. It needs to be fixed else, galaxy will lose its customers. I could never complete syncing my galaxy in my life. Never passed 70% syncing limit! did not expect this for galaxy. I was syncing my galaxy y with outlook. any solution!

  3. Another Kies sufferer. I’ve struggled with it for a year and a half, it has duplicated some entries in my Outlook address book, it has randomly swapped the first and second names of contacts in my Outlook address book, it has crashed numerous times, it is slow at best. For the last few months I am unable to sync contacts with Outlook. I’ve updated it many times — tried again today and the update process crashed twice.

  4. I have a very fast pc with a galaxy s3. It says preparing backup and just freezes. I thought there was no worse piece of software for windows 7 than Itunes, but I guess Kies has it beat. Cmon samsung, how can you make a great phone with crap windows client software!

  5. why is all samsung software so crap, is it about face saving,nobody can admit they have messed up,surely millions of people complaining would get their attention, how hard can it be, is it because they copied apple ,and hav eno idea how it actually works

  6. The software is rubbish. It freezes, it doesn’t back-up the phone, it doesn’t sinc, in fact it doesn’t do anything at all except waste your time!!

  7. And I thought Itunes was bad and ridiculously slow… I cannot believe they payed people to write this piece of software. Back to using landlines?

  8. iTunes has never been slow or unreliable like Kies has. This was seriously the deciding factor between iOS and Android for me. My S3 works great for a work phone which made me want the S4 for my personal but no… Kies is garbage. Apple wins again.

  9. What is an alternative to Keis? It also opens security so PC can accept web browser hijack. Kies should be added to Malware anti-virus checks.

  10. Kies is a super con trick. It is crap, pure crap and has wasted hours of my time. We all should be due a refund from Samsung. If your new car refused to accept fuel would we all simply grin and bear it. Up to this point I had been a great advocate for Samsung phones, but not any more. Can’t wait till my contract is up.

  11. If your contacts and calender auto synced via google clound gmail, and you just want to resync with outlook automatically or manually in either direction use Sony PC Companion, you don’t need a sony phone because the sync function only talks to google cloud, as long as phone is synced to cloud your OK
    Easy to use and explained using basic language and not terms like, «Apply to Outlook Only» WTF does this mean, does it mean send outlook to phone or phone to outlook?

  12. April 2014, New PC, Windows 7, Intel i5 super processor, Kies is still crap!!!!!!, took me an hour to connect.

  13. The Koreans are outsourcing their software programming to India just like someone else we know me thinks!!!

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