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  1. Have you tried 1080p 60p or 30p 100M XAVC S? I saw a big improvement on my handlebar mounted FDR X1000V videos when using XAVC S with 30 p on my motorcycle at faster speeds. I like the 3000’s BOSS feature but not sure if it is better on a motorcycle when at higher speeds.

    • Carl Knapp — This is my first Sony cam, I only have prior experience with GoPro. Even that was years ago. The BOSS stability on this cam is impressive. I had it angled toward my helmet to much here but it enables you to see the shake taking place that the cam is compensating for. This video appears clearer and sharper on my Final Cut sequence than it does here in the YouTube video. Not real sure how to get an equal quality vid on here. I’ll keep working on it.

    • There is no 1080p 60/30fps with 100Mbit/s bitrate.

      You either get 1080p 60/30fps 50Mbit/s or 1080p 120fps 100Mbit/s.

  2. For everyone watching this seeing the helmet move inside the frame — that is the camera stabilizing in the opposite direction the helmet seems to move.

    • Jake Levy — Close, but I haven’t had the best luck with strap mounts. It’s this one here- Ссылка?O=&sku=1109334&gclid=CP_K7_Kin9MCFQ5Efgodf-wHug&is=REG&ap=y&m=Y&c3api=1876%2C%7Bcreative%7D%2C%7Bkeyword%7D&A=details&Q=

    • Jake Levy — Fits mine. It’s the helmet mount you see in this video and any other riding video I have.

    • It’s just held on via the adhesive bit right. Do you trust the suction cup ones?

      It sucks there’s not much on the market for the camera hey!
      Thanks for your help 🙂

    • Jake Levy — I use suction cup mounts on my vehicle camera applications. I use adhesive on my helmet applications. Neither has ever failed. Though I’ve had close calls with the suction cups.

  3. Is it just me or does the 4K look grainier than 1080? Just seams like there is more noise when the bike is moving.

    • Vic Wiseman — Agreed. I think it’s probably due to user ignorance than the cameras abilities though. I use this camera all the time for dirt rides now and run it in 1080HD. Mainly because my Mac I cut things together in is old and stutters with 4K footage.

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