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  1. Jessi Miller does the camera come with the shot gun mic when I order it from mid town video the Sony PMW-EX1

  2. Jessemillerman andatest version of final cut pro?? I mean theres so freaken many theres 3 new ones which one is it

  3. Jessemillerman what is the latest version of final cut pro?? I mean theres so freaken many theres 3 new ones which one is it

  4. Thank you very much. Sony and Apple should be grateful that there is someone like you out there. The level of misinformation and baroque stupidity is incredible.

    Thank you again

  5. Hi Jesse,
    Oh, if it were only that easy! We have the latest version of fcp along with the sony and have got the updates and plugged the camera in and found the files but it won’t import them. FCP has the option in the list and all looks rosey but until we find a way to import the vision into fcp it just sits on the hard drive waiting and waiting and waiting … we’ve been searching online and found so many others with the same problem. Love your vid but hate technology at the moment. Thx

  6. Does this Camera work with final cut pro 6 cause we all know thats best final cut ever made cause no country for old men was made on that program does work on final cut pro 6???

  7. Okay well in 2009 will there be a price drop cause I know these cameras get cheaper every year I need to save a lot of money in order to buy one so by 2010 it would drop at a lot I hope

  8. highly unlikely that there will be a price drop in 2009 given cross conversion rates between JPY, USD and various other currencies.

  9. i use 2 x 32gb cards with my ex3 that i drop into my laptop and direct edit using CS3, no need to download convert/wrap or connect cables, suits me

  10. Hi,
    i have some questions.. maybe you can help me

    1 — when i try conect my ex3 cam to my computers(macobook pro and PC) by fire wire ( i LINK) they dont recognize nothing

    2 — Wich lens i can use wih EX3?

    thats it

  11. Hi i dont know if you´r still aswering cuestions, but i have the FC 6.0.2 and i still dont get the import xdcam option on my import menu. Is there anything i can do?

  12. How does one then get the footage up for youtube — not export it as quicktime, no? I did h.264 or whatever and wasn’t sure what else to select. Shot 1080 60i

  13. Great Video. I had to do some googling to figure out how to get the footage off my EX3 and the Sony site was not helping me. I got it figured out on my own, but this video would have helped if I found it first.

  14. THX, but the sony site is not a support, it becomes a nightmare to get there downloads. better look at dvinfo.

  15. Hi, Jesse. I’ve a EX3 and usually, after log and transfer in FCP create *.MOVs files, I backup these MOVs and delete BPAV folder.
    The content in BPAV is the same that MOVs files in relation quality image?



  16. hi jesse! i have a sony hdr-cx550 and it create MTS files. I used a lot of files converter but i had no results. I also bought Total Video Converter from the imac apple store and i tried all settings: the result is a bad video quality and it’s slower than the original file… please help me becouse i don’t know what to do!!

  17. I have EXCAM footage all logged into folders, do you need another plugin to import the BPAV folders into FCP7? I cant import anything from my hard drive is the XD plugin here just for XD or EX just from SxS card?

    This is so confusing and yes my FCP7 crashes after 10mins too… CS5 might be the better option? Just drag and drop the BPAV folder and it is that easy!

  18. Jesse! Thank you very much! I wasn’t able to find any solution the last 4 hours! But thanks to you i am now able to edit the xdcam files within FCP!!! =) you are great help!

  19. @CaptainBasch1 yeah, i had the same issues with MTS over the past 5 years. Those camera’s are impossible to import succesfully in FCP. I have an hdr-sr12 and it kinda reminded me of a pokemon, it evolves itself into something worse than it already is. You can try enything with those camera’s but once you solved a problem the camera is just making new problems instead. So the only thing that worked for me is throwing it agains a wall, and buy a camera that doesn’t record in AVCHD format.

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