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  1. The Xperia Play is anything but Flimsy.
    Btw. The Xperia S has nano plastic coating which is meant to repel stains including finger prints.

  2. Yeah Sony’s stepping their game up! But Samsung and HTC are also making great phones so it will be interesting to see if they’ve stepped up enough for people to choose them.

  3. God, please forgive me for all those times I called iPhone users stubborn and stupid. Forgive me for calling them ifanboys and acussing them of blind worship of a brand, because it seems (based on a lot of youtube and other comments) that Samsung fanboys have reached their level of worship…maybe even worse. For I have witnessed thousands, if not millions calling out for SGS3 in LG, HTC, Huawei and other threads
    God, please forgive them, for they have reached, and surpassed, the iPhone fanboys.

  4. «Its transparant on each side» *facepalm* no on one side that why you only can see through it from the front.

  5. it’s an awesome phone.. only if it were released 5-6 months ago.. the quad core era has started and now Sony is releasing its first Dual Core.. if i were to buy this phone, i would only buy it for its sexy design, its camera, and its awesome screen.

  6. @josip2811 Amen to that. God, they’re getting as bad as Nokia fanboys now!

    I’ll be doing a review of this phone (my first video!) In just over a week because I genuinely don’t give a shit about quad core. The One X is too big and, having seen the images it produces, the camera is seriously over-rated.

    The Sony looks to have the best screen and camera on the market (808 notwithstanding — the actual phone is shite). That’s what I’m after.

  7. Like the phone but waiting for sg3 and I have a dual core gs2 skyrocket n my phone never Lags I don’t see the need to have quad core but ill take it lol

  8. @helloooooowwful Not really, in most limousines you can watch outside but not inside. I suggest you follow more chemistry classes!

  9. 600 euros??? I preordered mine for 500. You do get the entire package as in some countries you don’t get an hdmi cable nor any smart tags or a screen protector.

  10. i hope someone doesnt see this video who doesnt know about sony/sony ericsson as you have no knowledge at all, cheap plastic is thick and brittle, the more you pay for thin plastic the more flexability you get, also you have no right to tell ppl if the phone is worth buying or not, it is up to each person and the see through bit at the bottom is the antena, instead of puttin it in a crap place like the iphone, they put it at the bottom, so far your video has not done justice for sony ericsson!

  11. @JJeffreyV Yes, you are correct with that excample but you did you know that they use a foil to do that and there is clearly no foil on the bottom part of the gorgeous xperia S. But after all you are right and i should have thought of that. After all my uncle has a car with that sort of windows.

  12. @TheSmokingAndroid apparently sony bought all the shares from ericson…well thats include the logo. its theirs now.

  13. Can’t understand the plastic build for this high end device when mid range xperia P has a sweet unibody aluminum body. WTF were you guys thinking?!?!?!

  14. WHY does he hate plastic?!? WHY it have to be aluminium to be good. Personaly I do NOT like metal phone because it is HEAVY!
    Who want to carry BRICK in his pocket (except for construction workers).
    It is not practic, lets say you go for joging/running and want to listen music that is on your phone, then those (little less than) 200grams in pocket realy pull pants down and you need to constantly pull up or to put it into sweatjacket and then it flies arrond and constantly weights on one side!!!

  15. @Ivanprskalo
    I mean, I realy like light phone. I like my xperia arc. It is whole out of plastic and it is very light.
    Occasionaly I need to give it to people who want to chek it out and constantly I get this response: WOW!!! It is soooo LIGHT and soooo beautiful!!
    People LOVE that it is light.

  16. @TechReviewer718
    I have one, and I must say it doesn’t feell cheap.
    It could be little less thick, that’s for sure, but it is very nice looking phone.
    I have xperia arc also, and manny of my friends claim they would rather buy (and they did) xperia play (but some of them are gamers-adicts.. 🙂 )

  17. @InnerCityMuscle
    How come is Sony any version of Apple??????
    Sony is Japanese, Apple US company!! They haven’t anything in comon, except theit phones are assembled by Foxcon, but they assemble almost every ones phones.
    Think, Apple and Samsung and LG have verry much common things like they use eachother screens and design and they copy eachother all the time!!

  18. @diduladevo
    I don’t know why this mexican pushes metal phones so much. Maybe they have lot of mines in Mexico and he wants his people earn few bucks more…
    Now I’m beeing sarcastic, but plastic and rubber parts CAN be REPALCED and what to do when that «solid metal body» suffer serious damage?
    Carry it wounded for the rest of his life?
    Or run to your daddy to buy you another one?
    Also, there are lot or different plastic:
    Samsung plastic that I hate and HTC plastic that I love!

  19. @TheSmokingAndroid
    That is NOT Ericsson logo, that is Liquid energy logo of joint venture company of Sony son of Eric!! 😉
    And I must say, Ericsson have produced one of best phones back in the days and it is a shame that Europe have lost another big player in this field, especialy when you know that Europeans are most inteligent, culture and educated people on Earth, unlike mostly stupid Americans. Yes, I know what I’m writing, I have proofs.

  20. this guy is a Apple Isheep, and retarded, in earlier video he said the phone felt great, and nice, also he would recommend, but now he completely changed his views, what a fuck up!

    All the SE 2011 phones are great, nicely made, feel great, screens are great. I don’t know how we got to this point, everything SONY is bad, everything Apple is good, ppl are so fucked up nowadays, they forgot who made consumer electronics they are today, learn some history, buy and use the products before bullshitin

  21. @TheKRNG cuz he is retarded, i dont’ know where he’s from, but pay a visit to the local mall, find a Chinese girl who does screen protectors, trust me, you’ll never wanna live without one, it’s like nothing on the phone, beautifully done

    but then look at him, you’ll know it’s not the actual screen protectors problem, it’s him who doesn’t have the brain power to put it on properly!

  22. @Ivanprskalo that’s exactly why I’m going to get S over P, well other reasons such like screen size, camera… but also, regardless how nice the P looks in silver, you know it would be a mess when a few scratches.

    ;like i said earlier, this guy is an iSheep, so there is your answer.

  23. @CityFlashLights change that to what? the whole ICS is built upon SONY’s buttons placement

  24. @Rav9001 well sadly, seems like all websites are Appel «Fans» nowadays! with their non stop ads, and so many sites becoming iSheep, it’s easy to see why so many ppl buy Apple

    I know so many ppl ask me why I don’t have anything Apple, but when I asked them why should I get Apple instead of SONY, none of them could give me an actual fact or number, everything is based on what they heard and what they thought was… just SAD

  25. Very cool of them to include the screen protector, but would’ve been better if it was applied from the factory. Like some of Nokia’s phones have.

  26. @Ivanprskalo That supposed to mean that SE phones were looking (and had similar build quality) like a plastic piece of white shit up till MWC.
    Jaime agrees with this statement, just watch the video. And, since you have got such a fancy taste and are going nowhere near offending your interlocutor, both of which helps me to place you on Sony-fanboy-o-meter scale, ask somebody sane to explain it to you.

  27. @Ivanprskalo Please stay on topic sir. If Europeans are so smart why must you misrepresent them with such a rude post?

  28. @realcuteguyyayiyayi Change it to the Multitask button, In ICS the menu button is in the application itself.

  29. @CityFlashLights exactly, once all the phones are upgraded to ICS, these software changes will happen, right now, Xperia S is till running on a different UI 2.3, nothing needs to be changed here, SONY already thought about everything, the current ICS design is exactly what SONY has been using, one reason why Google begged SONY to make a Nexus phone, cuz they realized SONY was thinking a head of time and truly understand logical design

  30. @CityFlashLights nope, ICS will be upgraded later March and no later than May. yeah Google did beg, well not on their knees beg of course, but u know what i meant, Google wanted SONY to make all their hardware, TV, phones, but SONY didn’t have a very good run with the Google TV and SONY had other more important things to worry about than making a phone for Google, so in the end, Google was very disappointed and had to pick a company, they chose Samsung

  31. This reviewer is talking too personal. 2011Sony phones were actually a very well designed products. I will thumb down because he is too ego

  32. this looks 214141X better than the xperia P. I don’t get why the back is removable if the battery isn’t though, it just adds thickness..

  33. @TechReviewer718 confirm, I have since xmas, a bit annoying the space between the two parts, but for the rest it’s nice and then with a cover it becomes even more solid in your hands

  34. I don’t see why he would mention hardware buttons has a negative point. I for one prefer hardware buttons but to each their own I guess.

  35. obviously, obviously, obviously, how times does this guy says obviously. well obviously its not enough..

  36. I don’t know what’s up with him saying the plastic is very cheap and all that. The plastic isnt too different than other android devices and the XPERIA S definitely doesn’t seem cheap. Oh and BTW the Xperia Play is an excellent phone for the price and isn’t flimsy. I guess you’re just too used to crack prone iphones you cant even hold an android device. This is hands down superior to the 4s so stop trying to make excuses about hardware buttons «cheap» plastic. Because your glass iphone breaks

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