38 Replies to “Unboxing: Sony Walkman Z (US Version)”

  1. finally ! a us unboxing of the sony walkman z series
    a few questions
    How does the build quality feel? plasticky? metal? aluminium?
    Hows the battery life compared to other walkmans?
    Is the s-master mx comparable to the s-master found in the sony walkman x series?
    Is it worth the retail price that Sony is selling if for?

  2. @bioroid09 The build quality feels great! It’s incredibly sturdy and it’s got a aluminium back plate.

    Battery is pretty good. About 25 hours of music and 8 for gaming and hd video.

    The S-Master MX is superior to the S-Master found of the Walkman X. The sound on the Z is about as good as it gets.

    Without a doubt it’s well worth the retail price Sony is asking. The build is tough the sound is amazing and the screen is beautiful and you have the full Android market.

  3. Dude i have two questions How mauch cost the 16 GB model And how much for this one of 32GB ???? and where you buy it what store ???

  4. this is s*** cant you guys see. the only good thing about this is the audio quality.
    the samsung s wifi 4.0 is a better bargain. the walkman is more expensive, has no cameras, no micro sd expansion slot and a very poor battery life against the s wifi

  5. i have a question my walkman started saying database update failed when i unplug it from my laptop. It still plays the music but i have to open the music app just play it but before i use the music player. Any help would be appreciated

  6. Anyone know when these Walkmans are coming to the US? I live in Tennessee and cannot find them ANYWHERE online or on the web.

  7. Hi.Is my walkman z1060 battery incorrect because i just purchased this wednesday and when it has about 70 % battery left and i put the power of for night, next morning it doesn’t even turn on because it doesn’t have any battery left. it has done that three times. Should i just keep it at stand by mode all the time.I have kept it at airplane mode and screen brightness at mininum.

  8. Check and make sure Blutooth is not on, and i usually keep my wi-fi turned off because it will stay on even when in sleep and drain the battery. Your Walkman shouldn’t bee dying that fast

  9. I mean that i shut down the whole machine and next morning it doesn’t turn on and now it has done that four times.

  10. Wow that’s not normal. I would contact Sony.

    It could be that you just got a bad unit. It happens

  11. My luck. I think i’m going to return the device in to the shop and get a new one. Luckily i haven’t thrown the voucher away.

  12. something tells me that you have never used the Walking Z. Because if you have you would know how much better it sounds then the iPod

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