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  1. Hey Izi! How are you doing? 🙂
    Congratulations on 8000 subs! You are doing amazing on the videos! Thumbs up!

  2. Yes!!!!! I freaking love your videos. You nails and hair look amazing!!!!!! That phone looks so beautiful, so happy you are enjoying it. I also had to restart my Pocket Camp. But I stopped playing for awhile and now that I’ve restarted I’m into it again=)

    • Milkymike nope! Should be sticking with this for a while 🙂 (I liked the note 8 but personally preferred the S8 plus)

  3. I can’t wait to see a camera video! I just got the pixel 2xl and am BLOWN AWAY by the camera, but have heard the p20pro is a beast too!

  4. You should know that Nova doesn’t support Huawei devices officially, if you experience some bugs/issues, blame Huawei’s shitty EMUI…

    • Wonder Izi If you face any problem just whitelist the app for data and power usage. That fix the problems people have with Huawei phones. You can also install other launchers like Lean launcher, Action launcher or Flick launcher.

  5. guys help me please: I would like buy new phone but I don’t know any phone I should choose it (Galaxy s9, iPhone x or any phone other…).

    • GioTheBullsFan21 iPhone X if you want an Apple phone, if you want android then S9 for a smaller phone or if you want a big screen/phone S9 plus

    • What do you want in the first place? If you want the best camera out there, the Google Pixel 2 XL has the best camera right now, plus android stock which means no lag at all and updates the very first day for 3 years or so. If you want the best AMOLED screen and a bunch of customization and Samsung Pay then S9 or S9+, if you want iOS then the iPhone X, if you want the fastest smartphone out there (even a little faster than the Pixel 2 XL) then the OnePlus 6. The Huawei P20 Pro has one of the 4 best cameras out there and lots of customization too.

    • If you want a new iPhone I would wait for the new release later this year probably in September. That way you can get the X for cheaper and see the other phones they’re releasing.

  6. This unfollowing app is not always right because it told me that someone unfollowed me so i unfollowed too and then I realised that he didn’t actually unfollow me and he was still following me:(

  7. I love it when people (YouTube reviewers) use phones other than Apple or Samsung and like it and are honest about it. Most just use them for a week or two, whine that it isn’t the pixel, or an iPhone or a galaxy and pass it on as good but «meh». Thank you being true.

  8. Huawei phones are the best tbh. They are very fast and smooth. I had a cheap huawei, its for $50 and its faster than a galaxy. No lag no glitch. If i could afford this phone i would choose it over any iphone or galacy.

  9. Hey izi,Do you like this phone better than the iPhone ?Reminds me of the X. This is nice was the phone expensive?

  10. You Google your location weather to get weather forecast info? Girl that sucks, I’m sure there are tons of cool apps to do that

    • Henry Ijeoma yeah much easier to just tap on a weather app you’ve downloaded or a widget where you don’t have to tap anything, just look at it. Both of those ways are much quicker than googling it

  11. You Google your location weather to get weather forecast info? Girl that sucks, I’m sure there are tons of cool apps to do that

  12. You’re so lucky you live where you do and that it’s compatible in your country. I live in the US and it doesn’t support any bands for us. Lucky you 🙂

  13. lol. i simply dont care whats on your phone.. smartphones are the dissease of this world.. people chat on phones instead of going with friends out! they care for phones more than people.. shame on you

  14. Very nice phone, love the colour of it too, I think it can appeal to both male or females which is nice.

  15. This very YouTube video — how were you able to put your phone screen on top of the actual video itself? Thanks.

    BTW, great phone. Cheers. 🙂

    • Mark Tristan R. Ocampo so the huawei has screen recording and apple does too but if not download an app called Du Recorder and then screen record and you can drag it on top of the recording of yourself . Hope that made sense

  16. Please answer! How do I turn off the vibration that occurs when you long press an app to move it???

    • Martin Pechuanco I just wasnt as in love with my note 8 as I was with my S8 plus, I would still have that today lol. So I liked the p20 Pro or the S9 plus but kept hearing people having battery draining issues but I wasn’t going to rush into buying anything as my note still worked fine. But then the p20 Pro went on sale for £130 less than the S9 plus so I thought why not 🙂

    • Wonder Izi gurl this is youtube not netflix learn to edit out your videos no ones gonna watch a whole entire video with u just blabbing around. Get to the point trim down your videos to 6 to 10 minutes max..

      Ps. You’re pretty. i subd.

  17. That’s very strange that the Fitbit Versa isn’t compatible with Huawei phones; because you would assume it’s compatible with any phone (Android or iOS).

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